Wedding in Brijuni: take a glimpse into glamorous history

Hardly anything can beat an island wedding. And what do we have to add when it comes to Brijuni?

Wedding on the Brijuni Islands

It is not surprising that this national park is considered one of the most exclusive wedding locations on the entire Adriatic. The archipelago, which has a rich history and enchanting natural beauty, is the perfect setting to say the fateful YES.

We could see for ourselves in another series of weddings we did.

Mediterranean food in a modern way

The newlyweds chose to emphasize Mediterranean cuisine, and the menu was dominated by meat and fish. Attractive cones in 3 shapes were served as welcome snacks. Beef tartar, fish tartar based on sea bass and vegetable tartar for lovers of plant-based cuisine.

The first course was a double carpaccio with arugula and emulsion. This was followed by a traditional Istrian dish, pljukanci with boŇ°karin, which was given a modern touch. Octopus in forno was the next delicacy. At the end, a treat for food lovers was served, beef cheeks with celery puree and sauce.

Sugar always comes at the end, so it was the same this time in the form of chocolate fudge, white chocolate and ice cream. Of course, everyone rejoiced at the wedding cake, which was beautifully decorated.

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